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  • IMG_20140318_134854Weekly Morning Paddle Groups @ 10am every Tue, Wed, Thur & Sat 7:30am

    Stand Up For A Better Life and join one of AVSUP's weekly paddle groups! Tuesdays: 10am Wednesdays:  10am  Thursdays:  10am  Saturdays: 7:30am This is a superior, all over workout in Pittwater, Nature’s Paradise  (see ‘ya sweaty gym equipment!) Targets core stomach muscles (no need to lie on your back doing crunches), defines your arms (bye, bye bat wings!), tones & tightens derriere & legs (yes, really!) Learn water skills and…

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Learn Stand Up Paddle

Experience the many pleasures of Stand Up Paddle (SUP) at any level you choose. Avalon Stand Up Paddle is an Accredited SUP school dedicated to building this healthy and exciting sport on the beautiful Northern Beaches from our HQ, Clareville Beach. Take a mental time out from stress with the added physical benefit of shaping up to look and feel your best. If you desire to enjoy the tranquillity of our closed waters or prefer open surf, we can teach and make it easy for you to Paddle Up.

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